Länsilinkki provides a range of VoIP based services to operators. 

  • The Länsilinkki SIP-trunk services connect VoIP-PBXs of operators endcustomers to the telecom network. A number of different trunk implementations have been released for various sizes of VoIP-PBXs. Number portability allows the use of land line and non-geographical numbers.
  • The VoIP service offers a modern and safe operator level production platform for implementation of VoIP solutions for home and small businesses. The VoIP service supports all normal phone features and a wide range of consumer devices and fulfills the requirements of Finnish telecom authorities. Flexible provisioning tools for management of subscriptions and consumer devices brings efficiency to the operations. With number portability the end user can keep his/her old telephone number when entering the VoIP-service
  • Länsilinkkis IP-PBX-solution is a flexible and competitive cloud based communication solution to be used by operators as a white label solution for their customers. No PBX HW is needed at the customer site and many types of end user devices can be used. The IP-PBX-solution has an efficient switchboard display and good queing services and excellent reporting properties, it is also well suited for call centers. The IP-PBX-solution supports simultaneous use of land line numbers, non-geographical numbers and mobile numbers of different operators.
  • The Lync®-trunk service connects the Lync® implementations of operators end users to the Finnish telcom network. This ensures seamless speech and meeting applications.